Release date:
Keyboard & Mouse
Game lifetime:
5 hours
3D isometric puzzle
Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Gimp
Development time:
5 months
Team Size:

Sharing Lights – General design:

Sharing Lights is a level-based isometric 3D puzzler in which you control 4 characters at the same time. The game works around the following game mechanics:
– Light Management: Each character has a torch emiting light aroung him. When characters are close to each other, the light radius increases. Torches can be turned off if a character walks into a trap and he cannot move anymore until another one come close to relit his torch.
– Light Sensor: The levels are filled with many game ingredients that activate with light. When a sensor is in light radius, it activates the linked element.
– Spells: Each character has a unique spell that synergize with the others. The player has to find the correct way to use them to complete the level. The spells progressively unlock to ensure a smooth progression, giving the player the time to understand them.

The game is currently in production and I am planning on a release in early June. The following video provides a gameplay footage of the game in its current state.

Game/Level Designer Tasks:

– Imagine the core mechanics of the game.

– Find easy to use spells to create good gameplay situation.

– Find interesting game ingredient that can synergize with the core concepts and spells.

– Adjust/modify gameplay after test sessions.

– Balance the game difficulty.

– Create interesting levels with multiple solutions.


Technical Game Designer Tasks:

– Script all behiavors with the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint System.

– Optimise scripts to ensure the game is playable on low performance computers.

– Script simple AI using Perception and Behavior Tree with Blackboard, Decorators, Services and EQS.

– Create game architecture using Unreal 4 Base Class (GameState, GameInstance, PlayerController, etc.), Inheritance and Interfaces.

– Facilitate the Level Designers and Game Designers work with exposed variables, allowing quick behavior modifications.


Other Tasks:

– Create 2D assets with Gimp.

– Create 3D assets with Blender.