Release date:
Game lifetime:
Unreal Engine 4
Development time:
1 week
Team Size:

Introduction to hellycoaster :


Build the deadliest rollercoaster!

Your goal is to harvest as many souls as possible passing through hell’s rift. Fill your train with fresh damned and put an end to their suffuring using the available traps, pleasing Satan at the same time.

Enjoy the never-ending bloodbath…

Context :

Hellycoaster was developped during Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam with the theme « Stuck in a loop ». We had 3 days of development before the first release. After reading lots of very good comments, we decided to work a bit more on Hellycoaster and we had our final build 4 days after the end of the Jam.

Gameplay :

The player has to build tracks passing through rifs to collect people in order to end their suffuring later with traps. Each kill refill a bit of Satan’s gauge and award Bloods (ingame money) to the player.

Core mechanics :

The players can do the following actions using keyboard and mouse input :

– Add tracks for the existing engines. There is a portal at the start and end of each track linking the them to each other (« Stuck in a loop »).

– Add a cart to an existing engine.

– Place one of the three available kind of trap (or a random one).

Actor’s behavior :


A new engine spawns every 30 seconds and the player can attach more carts to them. The engine follows the current rails he is on and transfers to the next set of tracks when reaching the portal. The player can modify the engine speed by building downward or upward tracks.

Rifts :

Rifts are randomly spawned every 10 seconds. When an empty train passes nearby, the rift closes for a couple time then reopens again. The cart is now full and the passenger can be killed with a trap.

Traps :

The game provide 3 kind of trap with different cost and effectiveness :

– Axe : The axe is the cheapest trap as well as the less effective. It can only kill passengers on the first rotation and needs a reload (automaticly).

– Spikes : The spikes is a very effective trap at a medium cost. When spawned by the player, the spikes orientation is randomly generated. In order to kill the passengers, they have to impale themselves on the spikes.

– Bladesaw : The bladesaw is the most effective trap as well as the most expensive one. It can kill all nearby passenger but has a really low duration.

Game design:

The game was designed from the start to follow an RTS progression, going through different stages : early game, mid game and late game. The gameplay is slighly modified during each of those stages.

Early Game :

The early game provide a slow gameplay for the user to understand the game mechanics. It is design for him to understand the objectives, the inputs and the money and gauge management.

With experience, this stage is very quick.

Mid Game :

More things starts happening on the screen and the gauge depletion is way faster. The player has to understand how to keep up with the new pace of the game.

Money management slowly become useless as he has more Bloods than enough to stay alive. The player has to find an action pattern that suit him to maximize money income and soul income.

APM start to increase as there is a lot of rifts and the player needs to establish a good strategy for the incoming crazy late game.

Late game :

Things are going crazy and all engines need to work at full speed to keep up with the extremely fast gauge depletion speed. The player can’t survive this stage without a good strategy planned from the start and a bunch of APMs.

Bloods are flowing and perks are now available on Satan’s Shop. The player needs to make strategical choices about the order he is going to by those upgrades if he wants to survive to this crazy pace.

When reaching 150 000 Bloods, the player has the opportunity to end the game and double his score. This perks can be bought as soon as all those Bloods were collected or he can chose to play a bit longer to maximize his score before doubling it. If he dies before buying the last perk, all Bloods are lost and the score remain as it was. Reaching rank 1 requires sacrificies…


Role and responsibilities:

As mentionned before, this project was led by a team of 4. We splitted the tasks and I was in charge of :

Scripting (Blueprint) :

– UI implementation (main menu, settings, game over screen, shop, etc).

– General gameplay (player’s action management, traps placement and behavior, money management, gauge depletion speed).

– Saving and loading datas.


General balance :

– Trap cost, duration and effectiveness

– Perks design and cost.

– Gauge depletion speed.

– Blood collection speed.

– Building the desired stages of the game (early, mid and late game).

Development Team :

– Maël « TennoTako » Gonzalez – C++ programming

– Geoffrey « Anguish_bucket » Guingo – Art and Audio

– Bastien « Zab » Thouverez – C++/PHP programming (leaderboard) – Team leader