Rémi Adriano

Aspiring Game/Level Designer & Technical Game Designer

Who am I

Getting back to my first passion

As a school teacher, I looked into the Unreal Engine to introduce children to game development and build their logical skills. After just a few weeks, I was completely hooked to it myself. This feeling of learning new sets of abilities while using my programming skills again after many years was exhilarating. This is when the idea of developing a full game came to my mind.

About a year ago, I began building a game on my spare time. I started to imagine what that game could look like, what the player’s abilities could be. The process of creating something from a blank page was really thrilling.

After a few months, I realized that bringing my game to a fully completed state was going to be a lot of work, so I decided to set aside my job as a teacher and focus 100% of my time on finishing my game.


Fast forward to a year later, my game Astria is finished and live on Steam. This journey forced me to develop completely new skills. I had to learn how to use Unreal Engine 4, but I quickly realised it was not going be enough. I also needed to look into the basics of Blender, GIMP and Audacity to add more content inside Astria. I carried out this entire project alone, using friends or family advice and knowledge along the way.

Today I find myself hungry for more, and decided to seek a full time position on a game development team, as a technical game designer or any similar position where I could leverage my creativity along with my technical skills.

My games

So I can show what I can do!


Manage your 4 damned Ghosts into the the hardest maze that was ever built!
Sharing Lights is a 2D isometric puzzle game where you control 4 characters at the same time. Take advantage of their power and find the exit!


Enter the doomed world of Astria, a land destroyed by Cataclysm where all living things are dying. Play as Gwen, an Astrian willing to make his last move before everything ends.

Enter the Cave, go through each Floor until you make your way to the Heart of Astria.


Your goal is to harvest as many souls as possible passing through hell’s rift. Fill your train with fresh damned and put an end to their suffuring using the available traps, pleasing Satan at the same time. Enjoy the never-ending bloodbath…


Runes is a minigame that was designed during a Game Designer Test for a studio developing a game for children aged 7 to 10. The player have to remember a sequence of colored runes within a short amount of time and recombined it before the time runs out.

My resume

Would you like to know more ?


Unreal engine 4

Visual Scripting
2 year+


Software development

5 total years of university



Multiple projects
Teaching is a teamwork job!


self learner

I taught myself how to make a game with online resources


French speaker

French is my native langage


English speaker

Writen and spoken professional english



New task? Consider it done!


Pedagogy & patience

Several years of experience teaching children.



  • Making Games

    2 years of development for Astria, Sharing Lights and other projects.
    Game design, Level design, Unreal Engine (Visual Scripting).

    Since Sept. 2019
  • Primary School Teacher
    Ministry of Education

    Teaching classes up to 30 children aged 6 to 11 a diversity of subject such as french, maths, history and art.

    Sept. 2016 - Jan. 2020
  • Programmer
    Activision (Beenox Studios) - internship

    Development of a feedback tool gathering ideas and opinions from all departments in the company.

    PHP, Laravel, SQL Database.

    March - June 2012


  • Master's Degree - Education
    Université Savoie Mont Blanc

  • Bachelor's Degree - Computer Science
    Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

  • College Degree - Computer Programming
    Université de Savoie


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